Best Beaches in Corsica

The gorgeous Mediterranean island of Corsica is well-known for its beaches. Some of them become extremely busy during peak season, but there are so many beaches on Corsica, it is usually fairly easy to escape the worst of the crowds. Here are a few of the best places to do so:

Capo di Feno

This beach, a wide open bay with nothing all around but mountains, rocks, maquis shrubs, sea and sky. It is a favourite with locals. It is a scenic and beautiful spot accessed via a winding mountain road from Ajaccio. Even in the summer, this beach remains uncrowded. It is also a good place for surfing because it has sand banks and a reef around 100 m out from the beach which make for some good breaks. This is a good place for sunsets too – why not wait around and watch the sun go down in this picture perfect spot?

Saleccia and Lodu

These two beaches are situated close to one another and are widely considered to be two of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Both are long stretches of white sand surrounded by dunes, which look out over the most stunning turquoise waters. The best thing about this beach is that it takes a long walk of 12km to reach it unless you have a 4×4, and this helps keep visitor numbers right down for most of the year. The only other way to get to Saleccia is by boat from the harbour of St. Florent.


This bay has a unique and enchanting feel. The Genovese tower on a small island situated in the bay and the dense pine forest around are like something from a fairytale. What is more, you may feel that the whole thing is too good to be true when you see the clear, shallow water stretching far out over pure white sand. The only problem is other people. In the summer, this is a popular beach with visitors staying in nearby Porto Vecchio.


While Palombaggia is often described as the most beautiful beach in Corsica, it is also one of the busiest, especially during the summer peak season. It is easily accessible by car and the signposts that point to it are clear. By all means go there and snap your postcard-perfect pictures but then perhaps you could spend the day instead at the less developed but almost as lovely little round bay of Rondinara. This small picturesque bay is known as Palombaggia’s ‘little sister’. Like at Palombaggia, the colour of the sea is astounding, and you may find it a little easier to relax.


This remote and wind swept stretch at the North of the Island calls for a little off-road driving but nothing that a normal car could not handle. It could be a good spot if you are looking to escape to a natural setting without the massing crowd.