Alternatives to Mass Tourism

Mass tourism is not sustainable. It is bad for the planet and bad for people. It perpetuates a system of unfair shares, greed and laziness and at some point it will not be able to continue. So even if you are not yet convinced that you should give up traditional package holidays for the sake of yourself and the Earth on which you live, you will probably find that mass tourism will go the way of the dodo. So, what alternatives are there? Here is a brief guide to alternative travel options:

Active Adventure:

There are many ways to get out there and enjoy our wonderful and varied landscapes. Why not consider a walking, hiking or mountain climbing holiday? There are options to suit all fitness levels and abilities. If shank’s pony is a little too slow for your liking then why not consider a cycling tour, horse riding, or even something really adventurous like off-piste ski mountaineering? Why not take to the rivers, lakes or oceans to try some traditional sailing, kayaking or rafting? Snorkel or dive to see the wonderful sub-marine world. There are many options for active adventure that can minimise your impact on the natural world.


Try leaving the mass tourism bubble and head out to explore the cultures, history and unique attributes of the country or countries you are visiting. You will find infinite variety in our beautiful and amazing world that is rarely hinted at on package holidays. Though it can be a little scary at times, getting out there and exploring and engaging with locals and the real world is what travel should really be all about.


Seek out ecotourism options. Ecotourism is a small-scale alternative to mass travel which tries to minimise the impact of visitors on the pristine natural world and has a social conscience element too. By taking ecotours to scenic natural locations you will be ensuring that these areas survive and can be enjoyed by future generations.


Why not become a volunteer abroad? You could experience a culture and setting while also helping people or the planet. There are a wide range of ethical volunteer options out there that will allow you to have a completely different travel experience.

Working Holidays:

If you truly want to be part of the antidote to an all-taking attitude to travel then why not consider a working holiday? Whether you are paid in money or food and board, there are many options for travelling abroad that involve some work. Often there is still plenty of time to explore the place you are in as well as helping out.

So, next time you think about planning a holiday, consider an alternative to mass travel. You may be surprised by just how much fun you can have and how relaxing it can be. Break out of the confines of the package holiday, stop being a dinosaur – the planet and local people will thank you for it.